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Ready to start getting safe, free, and legitimate Steam codes? This is my brief guide explaining how I've been earning codes for over a year. You won't need to download anything, give out sensitive information, or make anyone click on a link. Interested?

Let me start off by saying this: If you're looking for a working generator, There's no such thing! Anyone claiming to have a code generator is either trying to spread their virus, or make money off some dishonest advertising. Even if they did work, trying to use generators or hacks is a quick way to get your Steam account BANNED!

What I'm going to show you is the only confirmed way to get working Steam Wallet codes for free. These codes are functional and 100% SAFE for your Steam account. The only thing you need is a working e-mail address and a little time to get started.

Ready to get started?

In order to get started, you'll need to to create a free account at Points2Shop. P2S is a website that offers money, rewards, and prizes in exchange for taking surveys, playing games, and more. There are some other websites that offer a similar service, but this is the most reliable out of the many I've tried. To get an idea on how P2S works, check out the video below.

Click Here to Create Your Free Account

After you sign up, check back here and I'll get you up to speed. There's a lot of different ways to start earning points and tons of different rewards to spend them on.

Skeptical? Check out our Proof page and take a look at some of the testimonials and pictures P2S users have sent in. If that doesn't convince you, Points2Shop has a huge community with a forum and a live chat box. Just ask anyone there!

How to Get Started

Many Ways To Earn Steam Funds


Play Games

Compete in many different games for prizes!


Take Surveys

Share your opinions on a variety of topics for rewards or cash!


Shop Online

Get points and cash back for making your purchases online!

Earning Steam Wallet Codes

Signed up? Good. Now you're ready to start earning your codes. There's many different ways to do this including taking surveys, watching advertisements, completing simple tasks like proofreading, competing in online games, and more. I'm going to go over a few of the most common methods used.


Note: For a more in-depth guide on taking surveys, check out our Surveys page.

Surveys are the most common method used to earn points. Completing surveys doesn't take much time and pays more than most other tasks. But how exactly do surveys work? Surveys are basically a set of questions asking your opinions on products, companies, brands, movies, and just about anything else. Advertisers want to know your opinions so they can make better products, and they're willing to pay for it. An average survey will pay you about $1-2 in either points or cash. That means you can rack up enough for a free Steam code in no time.

To start filling out surveys and earning points, go to the Points2Shop homepage (after you sign in), click Earn Points at the top, and then click "Our Very Best Surveys". The picture to the left highlights where those buttons are. That will take you to a list of available surveys. Simply chose one you like and click on it to get started. Just follow the instructions it gives you and you'll be done in no time.

Compete in Games

Another way to earn Wallet codes is to compete in various online games and competitions. You can wager your points in tournaments and compete for the whole pot. The games available include Shooting Gallery, Racing, Solitaire, and more. To get started, log in to Points2Shop and click the Games tab on the navigation bar at the top. From there, click the game you want and choose to either practice or enter a tournament.

Watch Ads and Videos

While the payout is a lot less, you can also watch advertisements, commercials, and videos. They only pay 5-10 cents on average but they also take less than a minute. To watch videos, click Earn Points at the top of the navigation, then click Videos in the box to the right.

Claiming Your Free Code

Redeeming Your Code

Once you have a few points saved up, it's time to turn them in for a Steam code. To do this, click on the Spend Points tab at the top of the screen. A menu will drop down with a few options, click on Gamer Gift Cards. From here you'll see all the game related gift cards available. Go through the pages until you find the Steam Wallet Gift Card and click on it. Click add to cart then enter the e-mail address you want to code sent to. That's it! The code will be sent in a few minutes.